Financial Expert Tim Armour Differs With Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett has made the argument for a long time that people should invest in funds that passively follow the S&P 500 rather than pay more for actively managed funds. His reasoning is that active funds charge too much, trade too frequently, and don’t deliver superior returns.

Tim Armour has responded that he agrees that is the case with many active funds. However, he says that if you can find actively managed funds that have lower fees and avoid trading needlessly. He also says to find a fund with a large part of the manager’s fund in it so that they have a personal interest in providing great returns. He also cautions that Warren Buffet is not looking at the downside of passive funds, which is that when there is a bear market the fund will drop right along with the rest of the market. Armour says that a good fund manager can mitigate losses during these times while still taking part in the upside of increasing markets.

Tim D. Armour is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, which is a financial services company located in Los Angeles, California. Capital Group, having been found in 1931, is one of the oldest investment advisory firms in the world and has almost $1.4 trillion in assets under management. Tim Armour oversees the company’s global operations which has offices around the world including New York, Washington D.C., Canada, Europe, and Asia.

It was in 2015 that Armour was named as the Chairman of the Board for Capital Group. He was tapped to fill this role when the former Chairman, Jim Rothenberg, unexpectedly passed away. Tim Armour also serves as the Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management, the Chairman of the Capital Group of Companies Management Committee, and as an equity portfolio manager.

Buy Gold and Silver with Confidence from US Money Reserve

You can feel confident in buying gold or silver with US Money Reserve for several reasons. The only gold distributor to be led by a former U.S. Mint director, you can be confident that when you invest in precious metals with US Money Reserve, you are purchasing high quality products. Before committing to your purchase, you can request a gold information kit that will be sent to you free of charge. This kit is full of information that will help you through the gold, silver, or platinum coin buying process. The kit includes information on proof of gold quality along with a diversification of strategy guide.


Why Buy Gold Now?

Our economy is under scrutiny and is unpredictable from day to day. Purchasing gold now can ensure that you are investing in a timeless asset that will not lose value at the rate that other assets can. If we use history as a barometer, one will find that when stock investments decrease, the value of gold increases. When purchasing gold with US Money Reserve, you can be confident that your investment will continue to appreciate and will always have value. Investing in precious metal can put your mind at ease because you can be confident that you are not investing in a chance. A great example of this point is that in 2002, gold cost $279 per ounce. As of 2011, gold cost over $1000 per ounce. With gold prices rising over 600% in a matter of years, it is likely that gold prices will continue to rise or remain steady at a minimum.


Gold never goes out of style. Gold coins can be passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms or even traded with other collectors. When handing down coins through family generations, you do not have to worry about your gift being taxed as it is private and discreet.


Us Money Reserve can offer high quality, unique, coins in gold, silver, or platinum at reputable prices and from a company that can be trusted to provide an excellent product that your family will enjoy for years to come.

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Fabletics is making a name for itself

Fabletics, which was founded by Kate Hudson, in 2013, is known for their highly active role in the growing clothing category called “activewear.” Comparable to the fact that the online retailer, Amazon, has nearly 20% of the power in the online fashion garment market, Fabletics has expanded to thrive as a $250 million industry in a virtually three year length of time. The corporation uses a subscriber feature that presents inspiring and rousing fashion choices of garments online.


In most cases, the market has the perception that an elevated price tag is a suggestion of better quality for a garment that is on hand. All the same, that is not a realistic viewpoint in today’s world. A move in the financial system caused patrons to seek out items with great reviews, for exceptional designs, and for stores that make certain that the buyer is pleased with their buy, whilst spending less.


Many stores have been vanishing, because the buyer goes to the physical stores to view the clothing, but visits online to buy the garments from another store. Fabletics hasn’t experienced this slowing in their sales. Fabletics uses an online membership feature, which has a huge set of members, who corroborate that the garments are valuable. Consumer appraisal is imperative for winning over prospective clients to visit the physical locations and acquire the garments from Fabletics. Scientific data demonstrates that 50% of the patrons who go to the physical locations are subscribers of Fabletic’s membership service online, and 25% of those in the physical stores turn into members from their buying experience.


Fabletics uses statistics about client preferences from their clothing website to gain an understanding of what patrons are concerned with paying for. When a client views a garment at their online store, this information is used to make certain that physical Fabletics departments are carrying those garments that the online customers are principally paying notice to. This allow the physical sites to speedily change out garments in stock, in order to be up to date with the fashion trends. Innovative tools are also used, such as data gained from “heat maps” and social media websites, to distinguish which Fsbletics locations are actually of importance to the patron.


Rivaling with internet based chains such as Amazon is an indisputable hardship for most businesses. Fabletics defeats this challenge by promoting unique garments, teachnology that is ahead of its time, scientifically supported data, and by scaling their locations relative to Return on Investment data, also know as, ROI.


Frequently patrons admit that for the exceptionally low prices that are paid for the garments, the worth is greater than they anticipated to obtain, in quality. The most repeated review is that the value surpasses other company’s competitive, expensive garments, but without the high price. Patrons admit that the array of styles that are readily available at Fabletics is colossal. This includes not only the array of styles, but also the unique patterns and variety of colors.

When, Win, or WEN For Better Hair Care Health

The title of this article may sound a bit weird, but there’s a method to the madness. Hair care, hair care, hair care. Every time you turn on your television there will most certainly be some from of hair care advertisement. The business is rather huge as well as profitable, hence the over saturation of commercials. Everyone should be practicing good hair care health. To simply put it, conditioners are probably your best bet for producing better hair health than shampoo or just water alone. Conditioners get more to the root of the problem instead of being superficial like most shampoo products. One of the biggest issues within this field is the ability to find the product that fits you best.

Honestly, most conditioners are full of hype. They’ll lather up like shampoo and will give the feeling of being cleansed, which is partly true. Many of these products give short term results and no long term benefits. To cut to the chase, people should be using natural conditioners instead of chemical conditioners and Wen demonstrates this the best. “When” it comes to “winning” hair care health, “WEN” is the best route to take. Did you notice the use of parenthesis around each word that started with the letter w? That’s the winning method to this madness! WEN by Chaz is pound for pound the most powerful natural conditioning product line on the market as it moisturizes, adds shine, removes excess sebum, and it strengthens your lovely locks.

The formulas come in s many innovative organic ingredients such as fig, sweet almond mint, tea tree oil, panthenol, glycerin, bamboo green tea, mandarin, lavender, and many more. The choice is up to the consumer in the end, but if you want to heal and nourish your hair from the root up, WEN is for you.

Wen products are available online via the website, and on QVC stores. Inspiring The Public To Live Healthy

Update February 10th, 2017: CEO AD Dolphin was on the Steve Harvey show last week, to give some insight into raw food and healthy eating when you’re on a cleanse diet. It’s another great example of what Dherbs has done to make their 20 day cleanse more of a lifestyle change. Giving you the building blocks to start a healthier life. Read about what he’s doing here.

Pastor Hosea Collins, together with CEO Mr. Dolphin, appeared on the “Steve Harvey show” on June 6, 2016, to talk about his journey on how he lost weight over a period of 7 months.

Mr. Collins shed off a total loss of 130lbs i.e. from 352 to 222lbs by solely exercising continually, watching what he ate, and adhering to the cleanse regimens. Although his biggest motivation to practice all these, was the need of his wife’s life as she needed a kidney transplant desperately. Pastor Hosea Collins had always committed himself to helping others, assisting them to find self-fulfillment, or even to unlock a God-given purpose. Pastor Collins belief was that anyone could use this purpose to make a difference, and that is what exactly he did.

When Collins discovered that his wife was in need of a kidney, he offered to give one of his own. But because of his weight, he was an ineligible candidate to save his wife’s life, and that’s where his life transformation began of losing weight with the aid of Dherbs Instagram posts inspiring him towards a healthier style of living. When Pastor Collins attained his new weight of 222lbs, he got enrolled in the kidney swap program. Currently, Pastor Hosea Collins has fully transformed his life around, and his plans to continue with his weight loss quest to get back his high school weight of 200lbs are almost bearing fruit for him.



Dherbs primary goal is to properly educate the public on the importance of nutrition and human health. At Dherbs they believe there is no incurable disease on earth except the toxicity.

The public is not aware of the real causes of illnesses and their origin; therefore, they are under the hands of the industrial complex and medical systems. One of Dherbs philosophies from their official Tumblr states that it is the time to heal the body naturally and holistically. This Dherbs approach and they utilize it with fervent faith and passion.  But don’t jump in without proper information.  You need to research to fully understand, and that means visiting a trusted website like TrustPilot to get a feel for what’s on offer here.

Sheryl Underwood’s Experience With Full-Body Cleanse

There are many people who look for ways to lose weight but they do not go anywhere with it. However, there are ways of speeding up the process and ensuring that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of them is doing a cleanse such as



People who have used the full body cleanse swear by its magic. One of the people who have used the detox is Sheryl Underwood. The celebrity started on the program recently and has already lost five pounds. She has found a way of incorporating the program in her daily exercise routine. She also drinks a lot of water, something which is highly encouraged when you embark on such a detox.

Helane Morrison Challenges The Norm

In this world, there are rules and exceptions. Helane Morrison has turned out to be one of the exceptions. She has excelled in a time when women were still treated as inferior. As a result, she has helped challenge the status quo. One of the reasons she was so successful was that she had many characteristics of a trustworthy and responsible person. One character trait that helped her a lot is confidence. Helane has displayed confidence as she moved forward in the cases she has taken on. As a result, she has impressed her superiors and have held leadership positions.


One thing that made her so effective in her pursuits is that she has seen the purpose behind what she does. She wanted equal rights, and she believed that they were worth fighting for. This is what fueled her passion as she has taken on the many different violations of ethics from corporations when she has worked in the SEC. Her success in taking on the different cases as well as the trust she has built has opened up a lot of doors. After taking on the many cases of violations that were exposed during the 2007 economic downturn, she has joined the leadership of Hall Capital.


One thing that Helane Morrison believes in is diversity. Diversity in the workforce as well as society in general tends to reduce the likelihood of injustice. This is one of the reasons Helane loves working at Hall Capital. This firm is unique in that the top positions of leadership are held by women. They have also hired plenty of people from various cultural backgrounds. This makes it easier for people to appreciate their differences and work together towards common goals. Helane enjoys the effect that her presence has on the way business is run.


OSI Group Gains More Recognition as the Food Processing Company Expands Around the Globe

OSI Group is one of the top food processing companies in the world. They offer quality products to the retail and food service industry. Their inventory includes bacon, hot dogs and many other poultry and vegetable products. They were originally established in 1909 and the Aurora, Illinois-based company is headed by Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin. Initially begun as a family enterprise, the company found the opportunity to expand dramatically when fast-food giant, McDonald’s, first arrived.

Today the company supplies many of the largest fast food chains in the world and operates out of 65 facilities. The company has locations in 17 countries including Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. They have been the recipient of numerous food industry awards. One of the latest was the 2016 Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council.

This prestigious accomplishment was given to the OSI Food Solutions UK branch and is awarded to companies that excel in environmental management. This was the third Globe of Honor award for the Scunthorpe OSI Group location. They have operated at this address since 1989 and previously received the honor in both 2013 and 2015. Additional awards OSI Group have received include recognition for their health and safety records and many other contributions to the industry.

OSI Group was initially ranked by Forbes as the 136th largest private company in 2011. In 2016 their sales of approximately $6.1 billion each year boosted them dramatically to the 58th spot on the list. It is the many advancements they have made in the food processing industry and their dedication to excellence that have aided their rise. Each location around the world is expected to follow their careful safety protocols and remain committed to producing the best possible product.

OSI Group continues to expand as it also increases its goal of sustainability. Their mission is to remain socially responsible, continue to improve supply chain sustainability and find new ways to increase their environmental responsible practices. OSI remains one of the most innovative and forward-thinking organizations in the food service industry and their vast experience and commitment to excellence is expected to keep them at the top.

Learn More: OSI Group Acquires UK’s Flagship Europe


Malini Saba: Mother, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Malini Saba, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, started Stree: Global Investments in Women, in 2001. Stree is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women living in low income situations and women and children considered at-risk. This New York business empowers women and their children with the ability to access necessities to live a higher quality level of life than they would otherwise. Necessities like healthcare and legal empowerment are now available, accessible, and no longer far-fetched. Saba’s efforts extend beyond her home country as she puts efforts to place policies in Africa, Central America, India, and Eastern Europe and the list goes on.


Malini Saba‘s inspiration is said to come from Mother Theresa, who she believes helped countless people with a passion and love that did not hesitate or falter. Helping others and true success, in Saba’s opinion, comes from doing what you love and enjoying what you do. Saba’s goal is to help women and children all over the world gain access to what most consider basic. Basic needs like healthcare to maintain health and wellness, educational opportunities to gain skills and independence, and a safe dwelling to ensure quality of life and well being are all areas that Stree assist women and children in accessing.


Saba puts her money where her mouth is and donates her own money to fund her vision. She donated 1 million dollars in 2005 to fund the start of Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital in California. It’s not only about investing and donating funds, although Saba has a history of donating to areas of concern and need. Saba also travels the world and visits areas like India and Sri Lanka in 2004, after the Tsunami ripped through the land and left destruction in its path.


Saba is driven and focused on addressing positive change. No is not an option. She is determined to help as many women and children with a change of policy and funds to kick start that change. She is also a loving mother who values family. The healthy balance between her work and her family maintains allow her to stay level-headed and continue to work towards positive change.