Helane Morrison Challenges The Norm

In this world, there are rules and exceptions. Helane Morrison has turned out to be one of the exceptions. She has excelled in a time when women were still treated as inferior. As a result, she has helped challenge the status quo. One of the reasons she was so successful was that she had many characteristics of a trustworthy and responsible person. One character trait that helped her a lot is confidence. Helane has displayed confidence as she moved forward in the cases she has taken on. As a result, she has impressed her superiors and have held leadership positions.


She wanted equal rights, and she believed that they were worth fighting for. This is what fueled her passion as she has taken on the many different violations of ethics from corporations when she has worked in the SEC. Her success in taking on the different cases as well as the trust she has built has opened up a lot of doors. After taking on the many cases of violations that were exposed during the 2007 economic downturn, she has joined the leadership of Hall Capital.


One thing that Helane Morrison believes in is diversity. Diversity in the workforce as well as society in general tends to reduce the likelihood of injustice. This is one of the reasons Helane loves working at Hall Capital. This firm is unique in that the top positions of leadership are held by women. They have also hired plenty of people from various cultural backgrounds. This makes it easier for people to appreciate their differences and work together towards common goals.

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